We are an active, very nature-loving family and we live in a reconstructed, restored half-timbered house on spacious ground (8,000 sqm) with a view to the Teutoburg Forest. Our familly consists of Andreas (* 1960) and Ines (* 1961) with our children Robert (* 1994), Richard and Constantin (both * 1996) and Carlotta (* 1999). Our dogs can move freely in the house and around the natural garden and they know our “farm animals” such as sheep, geese and chickens. Caring for animals and plants is a matter of course for our family. Our children are always near by when puppies are born and they help daily with the care of all pets. Rhodesian Ridgebacks have been familiar to me since my youth through my aunt Anne Müller (Kennel Umvuma), one of the first Ridgeback breeders in Germany. She started her breeding with two dogs from England, a male with a friendly and calm nature called "Sakito" and a very watchful female named "Dawn". We children had great respect for her. However, I grew up with a boxer and my husband with a poodle.

As first dog of my own, I always prefered a Rhodesian Ridgeback and after eager persuasion, which also made my husband a fan of this breed, we got Umvuma Xana Winnie in the summer of 1993. Like our other bitches, she came to us as a puppy only a few weeks old and became our reliable companion for twelve years. We will always keep Winnie in our hearts as a very special friend. She founded our Shumbazino kennel in autumn 1995 and blessed us with our A-and B-litter We hoped for another breeding possibility with our second bitch Umvuma Uraya, but unfortunately she was chronically ill from puppy age and so I decided early not to use her in breeding. In autumn 2005 Neli Nyanissa Kibali moved into our famliy and we are grateful that she was able to continue the Shumbazino breeding. Out of her second litter in summer 2009, Neli gave us as a gift our girl Shumbazino Dareesha, who, according to our ideas and wishes, has developed into a beautiful, self-confident and active bitch. At the age of 3 she passed the breeding exam with fun and best results and delighted us with a dozen healthy E-litter puppies in September 2013 and 13 F-litter puppies in June 2015. Of course our plan was to keep only one girl puppy from the F-litter for further breeding, but Mr. Silber conquered our hearts on his first day of life.

So Farasi Fatouk and his cheeky little sister Felisheya Latika stayed with us as the next generation.
To date, Fatouk is the sire of a total of 3 litters in Norway, France and Germany, from which some dogs are being prepared for breeding.
Latika, who was extremely successful at shows and also fulfilled all the necessary requirements for breeding, gave us our G-litter in the summer of 2019 and our H-litter in the summer of 2022.
Again, it was not easy to choose the right girl for us. This time the choice fell on Mrs. Green, today known as Shumbazino Haizea Roxana. Now we are very excited about her future.